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Summer time in Ibiza - the mum edit

Here we are again! All of a sudden the summer is back. As with everything in Motherhood, the summer brings with it a mix of contradicting emotions and feelings.

I'm happy the summer is here. Its a gorgeous feeling - that warm Ibiza sun again. We can be outside all the time. The sea and the pools are warm which provides an easy and free play area for the kids. It means more work: so more money. It means visits from all your favorite people from home.

Then, there's also the downside... The Summer also brings  way more opportunities for tantrums and meltdowns (from both me and the kids!) The heat! The humidity. Loads of cars. Busy roads which means screaming kids in the back of the car, sat in a traffic jam; which means mummy on the edge of a panic attack! 

Then the downsides: It means more work - so more time away from the children and a lot of feeling guilty for not being around. (Blog to follow on this!) It means visits from friends and family…. (I know I said I was happy for this, buuuut) when people come to visit, it can be a lot of additional pressure.  Friends that are on holiday and you want to see them but its hard to match up the schedules. Im either working or on a school run, after school class or kids birthday party and they are on the beach, at a restaurant or recovering from the night before. To juggle being on holiday along side normal life isn’t always realistic.

It can also mean family staying with you in your house, which although is wonderful because of course we miss hem when they arent around. But, it can be a stressful time and put additional strain on day to day life. When anyone comes and takes over your space it can be a lot. Saying that - the look on my 5 year olds face when he sees his grandparents come through the door makes it all worthwhile. The biggest downside to people visiting is the inevitable time when they leave. That for me is without doubt the worst thing about living away from home. I always feel so down and sad when anyone leaves. And so does Dylan. We call it the grandparent hangover, but when we have visitors and they leave, we are left with a very frustrated 5 year old. He is always challenging during the week after people leave, so we just try to do some nice things and focus on the next time we will see everyone.

Then with the schools closing for school holidays you are faced with a bit of a conundrum. Of course I have memories of school holidays being spent at home - lazy mornings and playing out with my friends. But here, when the summer brings the bulk of the work- its hard to be able to send the whole time making memories with the kids. There are loads of summer schools now on the island. There seems to be something for every hobby you an imagine. Last year we sent Dylan to Club De Campo (the sign up process is on par with trying to get Glastonbury tickets!)  It seemed great on paper, days filled with swimming, sports and games. But Dylan not being one to follow the crowd - hated it. He cried every day and spent the winter double checking that we wouldn’t be sending him back. Disclaimer- everyone from his class that went last year loved it - so dont be put off!

This year we have opted for some weeks at home and some split between child of the wild & his dance school Davinia Van Praag. Dylan adores his dance school and is actually excited for the summer school there- so we feel much better about sending him. You might have seen on my instagram that we have sent Dylan to various Child of The Wild events and they are so enjoyable, he always comes back desperate to share what hes learnt. Luca goes to Eduka in Jesus so the days when I am at work he will be there. (side note- he LOVES his nursery! Always make me so happy to see him toddle in there grinning from ear to ear with his arms out to Maria, his teacher.)

I'd love to hear about your summer plans. Let me know in the comments: Will you send your kids to a summer school?  Is this your busy time? Are you also waiting for visits from family?

Remember we also have the members forum on the website which can be used as a space to store and share info and advice with anything to do with parenting here in Ibiza. Id love peope to start using it as a resurce to help eachother through our parenting journeys.

The next Mothership event is the beach picnic on the 26th June - see you there.

Lou xx

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